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i'm erika!
a curious + clever designer dedicated to storytelling + experiential enhancement.
i have been sharpening my design skills for over 15 years, working in some of the top, global architecture firms + creative consultancies.
originally from the Chicagoland area, i am currently based in the Denver area (with shorter stints in Austin + Salt Lake City).

...i tend to ask more questions than i provide answers.
it's my genuine interest in discovering nodes to connect with others on, as well as seeking to understand another perspective. i listen with more than my ears. if i can't make You laugh, feel seen and/or heard along the way, well, ...i'll likely keep trying!

my brain titrates emotions with equal parts logic.
driven by curiosity + integrity, i practice what i preach + stand up for what i believe in. i like stats, cold facts, solid reasoning, a consistent narrative while also managing to weave in intentional strokes that appeal to the senses + evoke emotion.

i am constantly seeking
(+ a little obsessed with) projects that are in need of creative, innovative solutions, create positive impact, + are growth or knowledge-expanding opportunities.
let's share some perspectives + brainstorm about building or improving something together. let's find a reason to connect, something to laugh about + ideally make everything we touch a little -- or a LOT better, while we're here!

do You share a love of live music? gravel +/or road bikes?! alpine skiing? snowshoeing? mountain exploring? coffee walks + quality talks? ARTventures?! sustainable practices + composting? DOGS?!

send me an email.

Let's Talk

send me an email.

Scott Friesen
UX/UI Designer, General Assembly
UX/UI Project Teammate

" Erika is dependable, thorough, thoughtful and witty! She has a keen eye and makes the big decisions and little details look just right.

She's a strong contributor, great teammate, knows the UX process, has a curious and thoughtful design-mind.
Erika kept us on track for success! "

Danielle McCoy
Interior Designer, INVISION Planning | Architecture
OZ Co-worker / Teammate

" I have never worked with anyone that has inspired my creativity as much as Erika. She brings a unique lens when looking at any design problem and has the ability to break it down and extract something unique from it. She is a storyteller. She has a way of connecting with anyone she meets on a deep and meaningful level.

Erika is a highly skilled, dependable and imaginative artist, but most importantly an amazing human. "

Nina Charnotskaia
Director of Workplace Experience, McDonald's
former Gensler Chicago co-worker

" Quick ideation and hands dirty were my two immediate matches for you.

A lot of people are not comfortable letting ideas out quickly and letting them out into the world to be challenged and evolved. "

Sarah Plovanich
Merchandising Director, Hammacher Schlemmer
Project Collaborator / Teammate

" Erika is truly a multi-talented and gifted being. She comes with a natural intuition and sensibility that can neither be learned nor taught.
Coupled with her relentless work ethic, she is a calm force to be reckoned with. This is evident in her work as a designer, communicator, event coordinator and collaborator.
Erika has a clear vision and unwavering standards that set her in a top tier of individuals in the design industry. She constantly draws and generously shares inspiration.

I have recommended Erika for special projects in the past, and will continue to proudly do so. "

Tracy Tafoya
Principal of Interior Design, OZ Architecture
Project Manager / Teammate

" Erika is a deep thinker and gets the bigger picture. She works diligently, thoroughly and in a meaningful way.

Erika possesses the qualities and values of a design leader that cannot be taught. I appreciate her desire to create social capital and to build a stronger team.

I think her biggest value is her ability to provoke thoughtful solutions, to push back on (if needed) and to inspire others to have a more thoughtful design process. "

Lauren Marker (Deffner)
Interior Designer, Contractor
Project Collaborator / Teammate

" Erika is a team player and a brilliant creative.
She is always eager to hop into any task/project and give it her all. Her personality and creative solutions brought a fresh life to our team.
It was a pleasure working with her.

Her true gift is connecting people and looking beyond the stereotypical box of what design should be. "

Lindsay Maki
Architect and Interior Designer, McWalters Collaborative
Collaborator / Teammate

" Erika is a talented designer, focused on detail and materiality. She and I worked directly on a number of projects, and I found her to be thorough, prompt, inquisitive, and articulate.

Erika shares a passion for many design disciplines, and I believe this strongly influences her work. She finds inspiration and solutions in areas not commonly explored, which I believe will keep her work fresh and innovative. "

Zachary Wilmes
Vice Presdent, Lotlinx Inc.
Co-owner, Collaborator / Teammate

" I have had the pleasure of working with Erika on several brand development projects over the past few years. She is an expert at design and communication. Erika conveys innovative ideas with ease and inspires confidence in clients and collaborators alike. Her ability to guide others to the optimal solution is an asset to any team.
I will gladly continue to recommend her. "

Chris Kitahara
Creative Director, Conscious Minds
Co-owner, Collaborator / Teammate

" Erika is a valued asset on any team.
She manages to get all of her work done ahead of time, quietly, and with surgical precision. With such rare qualities for a humble and talented Designer, Erika makes each and every project feel like a truly collaborative effort.
I will work with her as long as she will have me.

Top Design Qualities: Clean, Self-Managed, Accurate "

Christina Ponsaran
Director of Student Advising
Childhood Family Friend

" Erika is one of the most instinctual people i know.

To imagine and realize human-centered experiences and interactions -- that very instinct is both a compass and a tool. "

Terri Shinnick
Clinical Education Specialist
High School Confidant

" Throughout her life she has always focused on opening her eyes to other perspectives, cultures, etc. through travel, relationships and friendships.

Erika surrounds herself with a variety of cultures which helps keep her design perspectives open, well-rounded and diverse.

If anyone I've ever met is human-centered, it's Erika. She doesn't look at design without looking at the person / people it's going to affect and the emotions, thoughts, and vibes she wants to evoke from them. That's HUGE!

Erika always look for things to be not only visually appealing, but to really evoke human emotion. "

Caitlin Ford
Architecture Student
Austin Cycling Friend

" Erika moves fluidly between the larger and smaller picture, while maintaining the conversation and allowing for change.

She has strong mentor qualities; her willingness to share with others her knowledge of computer programs but also ideas.

Erika's work at FROG & on the running app, proves her strive to seek solutions in areas maybe outside of her knowledge base, but with a willingness to learn and incorporate/collaborate.

Her constant curiosity and interaction with the environment reflect a person who begins ideas not just at her desk but outside in real time and in any context. "